DC certainly made a statement at Comic-con with several big-name trailers winning over attendees and social media followers alike. Despite several failures within their DC film universe, most recently the debacle that was the Justice League, they appear willing to double down on their investments, as well as learn from their mistakes… mostly. Here are my quick thoughts on the trailers released in order of how excited I am.



I seriously can’t tell you how surprised I was to see DC fully encompass the silliness of Captain Marvel/Shazam (Shazam is the rebranded name after disputes with Marvel over the name Captain Marvel in the 70s). The core concept of a kid who upon speaking the word Shazam, turns into an adult with powers rivaling Superman is pretty ridiculous when you think about it. DC seems to have accepted that comic-book movies don’t have to be strictly gloomy affairs, and have put the time into finding a way to adapt a character’s quirkier qualities to the big screen like their big brother Marvel. I’m thrilled to see comedy actor Zachary Levi cast as the immature super hero and can’t wait to find out more about Mark Strong’s portrayal of mad scientist Dr. Sivana.



When it comes to comics, I have always been a Marvel fan first, a Bat-family fan second and an everything else fan third. Although I have a special place in my heart for the original Teen Titans, I have to say that Young Justice is the single property of DC that invested me more fully in their often underrated roster of heroes. This reinterpretation of the Teen Titans (without ever uttering the words Teen Titans) has opened the doors for many fans to the world and mythos of DC. Not only does Young Justice showcase more obscure characters and villains but they also address the interactions that these young heroes have with their families, friends, and super-hero mentors. The show is never afraid to change, adding or removing team members or throwing wrinkles or complications into popular romances or friendships. It is the show’s rejection of fan-service that turns this action series from teen programming into storytelling gold. The only thing that keeps my excitement for the third season in check is that it will be gated behind the DC streaming service set to launch later this year… I really hope they have a free trial membership.



Okay DC, I see you. You added color, humor, and a fantastical setting to your movie. You think thats all it takes to make a super-hero movie? Well you’re mostly right. Based solely on the trailer, Aquaman has the potential to breath new life into the DCEU. The trailer gave us an awesome look at Atlantis and the amazing array of creatures as well as iconic characters including Mera, Prince Orm/Oceanmaster, and Black Manta. Oh, and also Aquaman. While I think all of these characters are going to be exciting to watch, I am left wondering how there will be enough time to do justice to these characters and still have massive CGI fish battles. For the moment, I am cautiously optimistic and eager to see more… I just hope they don’t try to do too much. At the moment, DC needs to restore faith in their franchise and making a good safe movie, will do that just as well as an incredible risky one.  Also, did anyone else get some Black Panther deja vu?



I’m honestly unsure how aggressive to be about this trailer. My better judgement tells me to take a breath and remember that a trailer is just a minute and a half out of a twelve hour long season. Maybe we need to give it the benefit of the doubt? NOPE. But characters are meant to be open to interpretation. OKAY JUDGEMENT THAT’S ENOUGH OUT OF YOU. Here goes:

What were they thinking?! DC, where were you in all this? Are you really so obsessed with copying everyone else’s success that you’re willing to tarnish your own property just to sell your stupid wannabe Netflix that will inevitably fold in three years? I mean come on! Everything from Dick Grayson shooting some random thugs, to Dove (an Avatar of Order mind you) slicing up a dude’s hamstring is so “F*** Batman”-ing wrong! Was this show written by the love child of Stephen King and Quentin Tarantino?! I’m all for creative liberties and dark story lines but holy crap, its SO over the top I don’t even know how to process it. We’ve got ultra-violent Robin hanging out with horror movie wannabe Raven, while Starfire roasts a dude alive in an alley. All the while we have to listen to a wierd edgelord track and look at more bloody corpses in between Twilight-inspired dialogue. Of course, all of this is without context which is part of my point… If they truly have Dick Grayson, ward of Batman and leader of the Titans going around killing people in this show, no one should watch Titans. If not, then why would you make it seem that way in your first trailer?!

Oh hey better judgement, welcome back. I really hope that this trailer is not representative of the show at large. I’d be willing to give it a look after I finish binging Young Justice season 3 but honestly, I’m not sure I could stomach a whole season of grimdark Titans. I love superheroes because they bring joy and hope to people living in a tough world. I’m not sure a show like this is something I need in my life at the moment. I wish only the best for the crew and the cast but DC is gonna have to show me something different if I’m gonna give this a try.