Last weekend while playing through my placement matches on Overwatch with my buddies, I got a Play of the Game. I’m being humble… It wasn’t just a Play of the Game, it was the best Play of the Game I’ve ever gotten and my team comms went nuts afterwards… Y’all know I’m gonna show it to you:

Look I’m not trying to toot my own horn. Okay I am. But honestly this play only happened for two reasons. The first and frankly the biggest, is that the enemy team was racing to get back to the point before we capped it. They were all forced to group up and in the end, I got lucky that more of them couldn’t find cover. The second reason is that I play A LOT of Orisa.

Orisa is my favorite hero and has been since I first started playing Overwatch in October. I initially assumed my favored class would be support after playing position 5 for over 2000 hours of Dota 2. Instead I was smitten with a cheerful safety robot sporting shields and a laser cannon. Although I’ve branched out into other tanks, Orisa is still my top played hero and my go-to on a dozen objectives. This is why I am also an indomitable slayer of enemy Orisas. PROJECT_.jpg

I didn’t really think about it consciously until that play happened in real time. I knew that I had a great opportunity for my D.Va bomb as the enemy was rallying back to the point, but instead of throwing it early to try to zone them away and hopefully pick up one or two kills, I waited. Why? Because the first out of the gate was Orisa. Orisa has an easily and quickly deployed half-sphere shield, that is perfect for blocking D.Va bombs. Had I thrown it right away, I likely would have wasted it. Instead, I opened fire on the Orisa and waited… waited for her to deploy her shield so that I could fire the exploding mech behind it in the 8 second window between uses. Its not a particularly revolutionary idea, but its one that demonstrates knowledge of Orisa’s capabilities only fully understood by playing her. Being able to sympathize with your opponent’s situation in real time enables you to predict the most logical course of action, bait it, and then punish it. Here is another highlight from last night, in which I sneak up behind Orisa after her shield was dropped, in order to push her out of a window, opening up the point to be recaptured by my team.

To be fair, I didn’t know whether or not her Fortify skill (prevents being moved by abilities) was on cooldown, but the point remains that effective counter-play, regardless of the game being played, relies on an understanding of your enemy’s toolset. Consider dropping some time into that hero, faction, or deck type that’s been giving you a headache. It might yield some useful insight.